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December, 2021:

  • There is nothing new to report.

    I have done much software development, but there is nothing new that is ready to distribute.  You can read about my software development here.

September, 2021:

  • I re-built this website using a new tool.

February, 2021: September, 2020:

  • I added a new product, Dupe, to this website--see below and also "Products" at the left.

  • I have classified my Joe's Boot Disk product as "unsupported", and I made corresponding changes to this website.

March, 2020:

  • I uploaded SAM to SourceForge.  This upload included a Python script in module example (which I made with a little help) called Dupe.  Dupe sends email.

  • I made a separate SourceForge project for Dupe, so you can get it by itself without having to download and install SAM.

  • I made some website updates.

October, 2018:

  • I updated the website.  Mainly this consisted of removing sections that were not complete.

  • I uploaded SAM to SourceForge.

March, 2018:

  • I'm making plans to do some uploading of products.

  • I uploaded SAM to SourceForge.

February, 2016:

  • I updated the website.

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