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February, 2024

  • I have improved the English and German subtitles for my (outdated) YouTube SAM demo2 video, so they should be better now than the auto-generated and auto-translated subtitles. In YouTube you will need to click on settings and choose English or German subtitles.

  • Ich habe die englischen und deutschen Untertitel für mein (veraltetes) YouTube-Video SAM Demo2 verbessert, so dass sie jetzt besser sind als die automatisch erstellten und übersetzten Untertitel. Auf YouTube müssen Sie auf Einstellungen klicken und englische oder deutsche Untertitel auswählen.

December, 2023

January, 2024

December, 2023

  • I added a PHP based download counter to this website.  Check it out!

October, 2023

  • I need to comment on something I read in stackoverflow.com which I found by searching in duckduckgo.com on:

    I have a solution.  My SAM enables libraries of Bash shell functions plus any scripts or other executables that can be run from a Bash shell.

  • (231005) I released SAM-1.2.

  • (231022) I released SAM-1.3.

  • I received an email from a user about SAM.  The user suggested that I, "Include some examples of how you use the program."  This was a good suggestion.  Good especially, because it prompted me to do some thinking.  You can read how I responded, and the thoughts that were generated, here.

September, 2023:

  • Hello!  I have released SAM--again.  This release is available here through this webhost.

    This is not a proper release, and should be considered experimental.  Although I think the code is in good shape, the documentation that accompanies it, and my discussion of it in this website, are both in poor shape.  I went ahead anyway with a Learn by Doing attitude.  (Trial by Fire?)

    See the SAM blog.

    Let's call it SAM-1.0.

October, 2022:

  • I'm going to try a new approach, and invite interaction.  I want to use my tools and methods to provide solutions.  Please write me with your interests.  Tell me about the sort of solutions that you need.  I will respond.

    You may want to know what sort of "sand box" I play in:

    • You can read about me on my LinkedIn page.

    • My personal website, JoesLife.org, tells much about my interests.  It also is an example of what I can do with my tools and methods, as the site is made using them.

March, 2022:

  • I added to the SAM blog.

  • I published a plotting tool--my script called gogeeqie.

February, 2022:

  • I made some updates to this website:  I added PHP-based counters to the pages of this site, and I added a page For Testing Counters which I use, no surprise, for testing the counters.

December, 2021:

  • There is nothing new to report.

    I have done much software development, but there is nothing new that is ready to distribute.  You can read about my software development here.

September, 2021:

  • I re-built this website using a new tool.

February, 2021:

  • I added some text to a page in this site about "The Modules of SAM".  (231024: I removed this page.)

September, 2020:

  • I added a new product, Dupe, to this website--see below and also "Products" at the left.

  • I have classified my Joe's Boot Disk product as "unsupported", and I made corresponding changes to this website.

March, 2020:

  • I uploaded SAM to SourceForge.  This upload included a Python script in module example (which I made with a little help) called Dupe.  Dupe sends email.

  • I made a separate SourceForge project for Dupe, so you can get it by itself without having to download and install SAM.

  • I made some website updates.

October, 2018:

  • I updated the website.  Mainly this consisted of removing sections that were not complete.

  • I uploaded SAM to SourceForge.

March, 2018:

  • I'm making plans to do some uploading of products.

  • I uploaded SAM to SourceForge.

February, 2016:

  • I updated the website.

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