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Bugs in SAM-1.3

January 15, 2024

  • I got this error message today when I downloaded and tested SAM-1.3:

      bash: /tmp/1.3/lib/tool/pdb.sam: line 58: syntax error near unexpected token`}'
      bash: /tmp/1.3/lib/tool/pdb.sam: line 58: `}   fi'
      bash: export: pdb: not a function

    No worries!  This is minor, and is actually a good lesson.  It shows what happens when you have a faulty "qualified" function definition.  SAM tries to define and export function pdb, but the system lets you know that it failed in the attempt.

    It seems that I published SAM-1.3 with an error in file pdb.sam.  You may fix the error after installing.  Just move the final "}" down one line, leaving the "fi" in the current line.

    Or you may simply ignore the error message.  Function pdb is not used by SAM.  I intended it as a command for the user.  Unless you need it, nothing is lost by its absence.

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