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Joe's Boot Disk (JBD):

Joe's Boot Disk (JBD)

Welcome to the section of my website that is about my boot disk ("Joe's Boot Disk" or "JBD").

Previously I boasted that A JBD was more than just a useful tool for booting Slackware Linux.  This is still true, and you can use it if you like, but as it is no longer supported, you will likely find that what I have provided (click here to download a kit for making JBDs) is no longer suitable without modification, unless you are using an older, compatible kernel.

The reason I ended support is simple.  I no longer use it.  I developed Joe's Boot Disk as a solution to a problem.  It enabled the running of Slackware from USB devices.  I still do this, but in a different way.  In short, I have learned how to install Slackware to USB devices and make them bootable.  For example, I often install Slackware to USB 3.0 flashdrives.

Click at the left to read my--somewhat antiquated-information about JBDs.

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